Arts & Entertainment | November 20, 2017 9:00 am

Here Is a Sword-Launching Slingshot You Will Enjoy

Inventor Jörg Sprave is an expert at not putting his eye out

By The Editors

A self-admitted fan of weapons of all kinds, German inventor Jörg Sprave has a special affinity for Dennis the Menace’s standard back pocket stash: the humble slingshot. The man loves the primitive weapon so much that he’s gone so far as to create the aptly named Slingshot Channel on YouTube.

Having previously used his channel to showcase self-made slingshots firing everything from arrows and bowling balls to Oreo cookies and Lego bricks, Sprave was recently challenged by a guy who enjoys dressing like a Viking to create a special slinger that could shoot swords.

As the video above shows, Sprave was up for the challenge (the good stuff starts around 1:30). Sprave’s store doesn’t sell sword slingers, but it does offer lots of other slingshots for trying at home.