Arts & Entertainment | July 19, 2016 9:00 am

The First New ‘He-Man’ Episode in 30 Years Debuts Tomorrow

And we've got the trailer

The real power of Greyskull? Nostalgia.

To feed your ’80s fix, the first new episode of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe since 1985 will debut at San Diego’s Comic-Con on Wednesday.

Produced by the toy company Super7, the new episode — entitled “The Curse of the Three Terrors” (note: that’s Terrors, not Tenors) — will look and sound exactly like the cartoon did in its heyday.

While billed as the first new episode in more than 30 years, a different version of the cartoon aired on the Cartoon Network in 2002, a campy live-action movie starring Courtney Cox and Dolph Lundgren came out in 1987 and a new film version directed by McG (Charlie’s Angels) is supposedly in the works.

No matter: this episode is strictly for the old-school fans. A preview is below; the full episode will be shown at SDCC Wednesday night at 10 P.M. in a standing-room only parking lot (“We’ll have plenty of room,” says a rep for Super7).

Some other ’80s highlights to note at Comic-Con? A signing by Bloom County writer/artist Berkeley Breathed, who recently revived the political comic strip on Facebook, a panel with the creators of Netflix’s revival of Voltron, a 30th anniversary panel on Aliens with stars Sigourney Weaver and Bill Paxton and a Q&A with the cast of the now-revived Mystery Science Theater 3000.