Behold the Greatest Used Car Ad in History
By Shari Gab / May 8, 2017 9:00 am

So maybe you don’t have a bone-crushing, six-door Hummer for sale.

Maybe you’re selling something a little more, well … boring like this 1996 Suzuki Grand Vitara. In which case, you’ll need to take a page from the notebook this cowboy … and peacock.

In ostentatious and completely outrageous display of time, Israeli visual effects artist Eugene Romanovsky is selling his old Suzuki Vitara SU with one epic sales video. The “man’s best friend” ride has bested avalanches, traversed Jurassic Park and even played a part in Armstrong’s Apollo mission.  

The seller does let on that maybe not all of these adventures have truly happened. But we swear we remember a late ‘90s Suzuki in Mad Max, no?