Arts & Entertainment | October 10, 2014 9:00 am

Funny Side Up

The New York Comedy Festival: The 8 must-see acts

By The Editors

Laughter: widely regarded as the best medicine.

New York City: the Johns Hopkins of stand-up.

Your prescription: the New York Comedy Festival, kicking off November 5th. Get tickets now.

The best shows go quick, so you’re gonna want to jump on this tout suite.

Which are the best shows? Funny you should ask [Ed. note: groan].

We’ve selected the eight funnymen (and women) you absolutely should not miss, and even provided handy (and brief!) clips of each doing their hilarious, occasionally super-offensive thing.

Give them a watch and see for yourself.

Go on, take your medicine.

Louis CK

The journeyman-turned-Emmy winner has a message for people who complain about “the miracle of human flight.”

Tig Notaro

Are Mexican resorts plagued by packs of wandering molesters? Tig Notaro investigates.

Pete Holmes

On why men miss the train. Every New Yorker will relate.

Kyle Kinane

“Whiskey Icarus” defines loneliness. Also: you owe it to yourself to listen to his seminal track, “Pancakes on a Plane.”

Chris D’Elia

Why Chris is afraid of Germans and you should be, too.

Dave Attell

In which Dave writes ads for Jagermeister.

Sabrina Jalees

Sabrina answers the question straight people always ask her after two beers: “How did you know you were gay?”

Hannibal Burress

“It’s cool if you have a handlebar mustache, but don’t try to talk to me like you don’t have a handlebar mustache.”