Arts & Entertainment | August 12, 2014 9:00 am

Field Notes

By The Editors

Admit it: the World Cup was fun.

Even the most red-blooded, gridiron-bred, futbol-phobic among you watched soccer. And you liked it.

Keep that momentum rolling with Where Are They Now?, our guide to your favorite World Cup players and who they’re playing for in the Barclay’s Premier League this coming season.

If you liked the World Cup, you’ll love the Premiership.

Top to bottom, it’s the strongest league in the world. And games are on Saturday and Sunday mornings — so you’ll be ‘aving a pint for breakfast.

And NBC and NBCSN will broadcast all 380 matches stateside, which means more live matches than fans in the U.K. have access to.

In our guide: the characters you’ll remember from the World Cup.

A certain shiny-domed American goalie is in there.

So too some of those waffle-noshing Belgians who sent us packing. And we’ve pointed out some key games to dogear on your calendars.

The season starts August 16th on NBC and NBCSN.

Mark your calendars accordingly. And enjoy the guide.