Need a Scale Model of Your Home … Made of LEGOs?

The American Dream: a concept evergreen and ever-changing.

So what better way to pay homage to it than with a medium that can be decontructed and reassembled at will?

The adorably monikered “LittleBrickLane” shop on Etsy will create a scale model of your home — right down to your spouse, dog and white picket fence — out of LEGO blocks. Exterior and interior.

The homes, generally mounted on 15×15 inch plates, can weigh up 35 pounds. They take shop-owner Shari Austrian 8-10 weeks to complete, and will cost you $1.25 multiplied by the square footage of your home. (Nota bene: That could get pricy.) To accurately capture the interior, Austrian prefers architectural blueprints, but can also work with detailed photos.

Bonus? There probably aren’t LEGOs to capture the beating your yellow-washed lawn’s taken this winter. So look forward to handsome green turf for posterity.