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Vinnie Vidi Vici

By The Editors

Hollywood loves itself.

Like, looooooves itself.

Hence, the perennial popularity of TV shows created in Hollywood that are about Hollywood. Call them Hollywood selfies.

And so, on the occasion of Entourage’s 10th anniversary — that bromantical fantasia of models and bottles and Turtles — we’ve gone ahead and ranked the TV shows about Hollywood from worst to best.

Here’s looking at you, you.

7. The Joey ShowNeither absurd enough nor realistic enough. Milquetoast. The dad joke of Hollywood shows.

The Clip: True, actors let their insecurities get the better of them. 

6. Ray DonovanRay Donovan is Hollywood’s superhero. Too bad all the time spent on his home life is booooring.

The Clip: Did your actor blow a transvestite hooker? TMZ sniffing around? Better call Saul Ray.

5. EpisodesWould be higher on the list if the show could decide whether it wanted to be more absurd or more realistic. It’s stuck in the middle. Squash, just like a grape.

The Clip: The network moved their show to Saturday, aka where shows go to die. And that’s what happens. Bright side: they get to finish filming it.

4. Entourage: Essentially the biggest male fantasy of the decade. It started strong, but waned as Ari grew softer and Vinnie learned less.

The Clip: We love Ari when he’s at his angriest. And everyone loves a character who is good at his job. Here we get both.

3. Californication: Sex and satire and Rob Lowe and leather jackets. It’s like a Hollywood listicle of “things that will get us good ratings.”

The Clip: Eddie Nero tries to hijack Moody’s script. Blowjob miming ensues.

2. Curb Your EnthusiasmAbsurdist humor to the hilt. In an industry run by the chosen people, Larry is the ultimate insider — so he’s ultimately positioned to take the piss out of everyone.

The Clip: Palestinian Chicken. You know it, you love it — relive it.

1. The Larry Sanders ShowWhere Curb Your Enthusiasm is off-the-wall, The Larry Sanders Show is a subtle satire that mixes Hollywood fact with fiction. It’s the most sublime of the Hollywood-on-Hollywood TV shows, if the word sublime can be used in proximity to Larry Sanders’s Questlovian coif. Mazel tov!

The Clip: Sarah Silverman reveals ye olde tension some women encounter in the writers’ room.

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