Arts & Entertainment | August 2, 2016 9:00 am

England’s Women’s Rugby Team Just Posed Nude

Also naked: <i>Glee</i> star Lea Michele

In a rare, uplifting bit of news about the Olympics…

Five female athletes from England’s Rio-bound women’s rugby squad just bared all for the UK edition of Women’s Health magazine.

And not for puerile reasons. The athletes were simply proud of the hard work they had put into reaching their Olympic goal.

In addition, the athletes — Claire Allan, Danielle Waterman, Michaela Staniford, Amy Wilson-Hardy and Heather Fisher  — were celebrating different body types. Waterman said she used to be upset by how “broad and muscular” she was. Fisher, a former bobsledder, said she began to suffer from alopecia after she switched sports and wanted to regain confidence. And Staniford wanted to bust the “hefty rugby girl” myth.

The photo shoot was part of WH’s “Naked” issue (sort of the UK version of ESPN the Magazine’s Body issue), which also features nudes of Glee star Lea Michelle, who graces the cover.

Photos: John Wright/Women’s Health