Keep your eyes on the road and your hands at 9 and 3. Unless, of course, you are in a Tesla.

The usually forward-thinking company is apparently embedding three classic Atari 2600 games into their in-car display as “Easter eggs” (although if you announce ‘em, they’re not really hidden now, are they?).

According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the software update will be available in four weeks and include Tempest, Missile Command and Pole Position, the latter a driving classic that may involve controls linked to your car’s steering wheel. (Our sarcastic headline aside, Centipede isn’t available…yet.)

Sure, you won’t be able to play the games while driving, but who really wants to hang out in their (admittedly cool) car and play a 1982 pixelated driving simulation or space shooter regardless? We carry computers around in our pockets that have access to more games than any console in the history of video-game-kind.

Undaunted, Musk also tweeted that he wants to integrate more games into the center touch screen, and urged game developers to apply to Tesla.

To those some developers: please, we beg you, don’t go work for Tesla. Cars are machines for helping people expore the world — and we don’t mean a virtual one.