Arts & Entertainment | December 2, 2016 9:00 am

Turns Out VR Is Perfect for Terrifying Drunk Driving PSAs

You're not going to like these beer goggles very much

By The Editors

As a rule, drunk-driving PSAs must include A) cheesy acting, B) over-the-top gruesomeness or C) a strange, macabre mix of the two.

We’ve all seen ‘em before. But no one has seen ‘em quite like this, and in short: it’s absolutely terrifying. Because what you’ll witness above is a drunk-driving car crash in virtual reality.

Created by the British liquor company behind Johnnie Walker, Decisions is a full 360-degree virtual-reality experience that intertwines three different storylines: a couple of newfound parents, a group of friends heading to a party and young woman leaving a bar, all driving toward the same fatal ending.

All in, it’s a rather genius use of VR tech. You, as a bystander, can look around, peer at traffic on the road, look back at the passengers in each vehicle and perhaps most importantly, truly feel the impact — mostly emotional — of an incredibly unforgettable car crash.

As Wired reports, the company plans to roll out a full setup complete with a motion chair, and plans to work with police departments and school systems to give teens the immersive experience.

Hey, anything beats Red Asphalt.