Arts & Entertainment | September 10, 2014 9:00 am

Skin Art

By The Editors

They say the sex scene is dead.

We’re inclined to agree, in movies at least. Bullet time and Michael Bay’s buffoonery are more in your face than even the most 3D of bosoms.

But that’s movies. We’re talking books.

Say hello to Dirty Rendezvous, available now.

Compiled by art/sex publisher Goliath and veteran pin-up photog Chas Ray Krider — a long-time collaborator of Dita Von TeeseDirty is what it’s author calls “narrative-based erotic art.” 

IOW: femme fatales in long shadows and little clothing. 

You play gumshoe, trying to figure out what’s going on in each photo. Hint: it’s always about sex.

Krider also offers a number of Dirty’s individual prints for sale.

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