(SWNS TV/YouTube)
(SWNS TV/YouTube)
By David Kiefaber / February 11, 2017 5:00 am
Chris Culleton
Chris Culleton (SWNS/YouTube)


Former music promoter Chris Culleton claims to have slept with over 2,000 women, putting him up there with Wilt Chamberlain and Hugh Hefner. But now, at age 79, Culleton has given up dating for fishing.

Culleton’s reputation as a lothario comes from his time living in Longford, Cheshire, where local police called him the “Longford Lover,” because they saw him with so many different girls. He even had keys to the Lion Hotel, at one point, and let himself in whenever he had overnight guests.

Culleton credits his success with women to a couple of things. “I had this charisma. I was a good dancer,” he told the Liverpool Echo, adding that “a lot of the women also told me they liked sleeping with me because I didn’t snore and I was a pretty handsome bloke back then.”

Chris Culleton
Chris Culleton (middle), taken in the 1960s (SWNS/YouTube)


Culleton was also a concert promoter and DJ who organized shows at the aforementioned Lion Hotel, the infamous Cavern Club, and other local venues. “I used to go to the gigs with some of the bands that I managed, and I always used to get the girls up dancing because the promoters liked it if they saw people dancing,” Culleton said. “It meant your group was going down well so I used to encourage that but obviously then I was tapping them up while the groups were playing.”

Some of the bands he dealt with included Deep Purple, Radio Caroline, and the Rolling Stones, who offered him a job after one of them tried to buy his waistcoat. He turned the job down, because he’d begun seriously dating a woman (whom he would later marry) and didn’t want to uproot himself and move to London.

All that is in the past, though. Today, Culleton is single and uninterested in dating, claiming that women are “just too much trouble.” Instead, he’s become a fishing enthusiast, and is currently the honorary president of the Stockton Heath Angling Group (or SHAG).

—RealClearLife Staff