Arts & Entertainment | September 23, 2016 9:00 am

Turns Out Burnouts Are Profoundly Beautiful If You Look at Them Right

The car kind. Not the kind that still lives in mom's basement.

The term “burnout” usually  refers to one of two things.

Either A) a car whose wheels are spinning in place, or B) a person whose wheels are spinning in place.

But thanks to Australian photographer Simon Davidson, it now refers to a third thing: a really, really, ridiculously good-looking series of artworks.

Since starting his career in photography at the age of 25, Davidson has documented a number of automotive subcultures, including Australia’s nascent “burnout” scene.

“Photographically, the powerful vehicles, smoke, blue sky and black burnout pad are a visual feast,” Davidson told MegaDeluxe. “In reality a burnout competition is loud, aggressive and dirty, but if you strip back the moment into a photograph there is sense of harmony in the moment.”

Davidson’s Burnouts series has been displayed in exhibitions but is now up on his website.

You can check out some of our favorite selects below — they’re sure to get your foot twitching.

All images via Simon Davidson