Arts & Entertainment | June 24, 2016 9:00 am

Robot Dog Will Do Your Dishes, Is Still Terrifying to Look At

Boston Dynamics creates man’s new best friend

A pet that cleans your mess instead of making one? We’re listening.

Say hello to SpotMini from robotics company Boston Dynamics, the robotic pup that looks more like he came out of The Terminator than the pet store.

Best thing about Boston Dynamics’ new spin on man’s best friend? It doubles as a personal assistant. Rather than wasting your time teaching him to roll over — the most ludicrous of all dumb pet tricks — train SpotMini to bring you a snack. And then have him clean it up, too.

Powered by electric motors, a full charge will have SpotMini up and running (Wagging?) for 90 minutes. And at just 55 pounds — 65 with the attachable arm — the latest edition to the tech company’s line of robotic pets (yup, there’s more of these creepy guys) is also one of the smallest.

He even navigates stairs and picks himself back up when he falls down (which has been a big issue for robots thus far).

Spot’s attachable arm, with a gripping head fixed to the end, is able to hold its position while the rest of the body moves around. This lets SpotMini carry fragile objects steadily as the rest of his body avoids obstacles.

He can execute some tasks — like navigation and mobile manipulation — autonomously via sensors, depth cameras, a gyroscope and proprioceptive sensors.

But you might have to be present for SpotMini to carry out some of your more advanced asks — like doing the dishes.