Arts & Entertainment | December 13, 2016 9:00 am

NSFW: The ‘Penthouse’ Founder’s Entire Estate Is on Sale

Up for grabs: Vintage pin-ups, Madonna nudes, original artwork

The late publisher Bob Guccione left a legacy that went beyond starting Penthouse.

It included launching well-respected science mag Omni. Creating some of his own (pretty good) original art.

And owning a ceramic panther lamp. Which you can now own, along with a veritable trove of enthralling art and photography.

Behold, an estate sale of Guccione’s personal belongings and affiliated memorabilia, available online now until Wednesday, Dec. 14th.

The sale arrives courtesy of Everything But the House, an online marketplace that serves as a 21st century take on the old-fashioned estate sale. The company aligned with Jerrick Media Partners to delve into the late publisher’s estate, much of which was procured from a storage locker after Guccione passed away. For sale: vintage pin-up girls, some original art, Caligula artifacts and more.

The sale ends Wednesday.

Five items worth pursuing:

An original transparency of Madonna posing nude (from 1977).

The aforementioned green ceramic panther lamp.

A framed lithograph from Guccione himself entitled Bathers.

A signed print from Alien designer/Omni contributor H.R. Giger.

And a Topless Lauren Hutton (click through for the non-barred version, art fans).