Arts & Entertainment | July 19, 2016 9:00 am

German Ad Campaign Pays Homage to the Beer Gut, Is Wonderful

It's a b .... eer!

A man will experience many things in his life: terrifying highs, dizzying lows, creamy middles.

But unless his name is Arnold Schwarzenegger, a man will never experience being pregnant.  

The closest many of us will get: a beer gut. They aren’t our unborn children, but hey, we love ‘em just the same.

Realizing this, a German beer company saluted beer-bellied dads everywhere with an ad campaign paying tribute to Annie Leibovitz’s 1991 Vanity Fair cover photo a of pregnant Demi Moore.

Featuring three shirtless men holding their beer bellies as if they were with child, Bergedorfer Bier’s “Brewed with Love” ads were awarded the Silver Cannes Lion for Print last month.


Images courtesy of Bergedorfer/Ralph Hargarten