Arts & Entertainment | October 24, 2016 9:00 am

A Bandwagon Fan’s Guide to Getting Ready for the World Series

The Cubs are ready for the World Series. Are you?

Brace thyself, Chicago. You’re getting a Cubs-Indians World Series.

If you haven’t been watching the boys in blue all season, it’s time to get ready to fake it. 

But who are we kidding, right? You’ve been watching … since the playoffs started.

Either way, these are momentous times in Chicago sports history, and it certainly won’t hurt — and indeed might be kind of fun — to bone up a bit with our Bandwagon Fan’s Guide to Getting Ready for the World Series. 

Because it’s never too late to fly the W. 

  1. Get this throwback Ron Santo jersey because you know exactly who that is. Maybe make it Fergie Jenkins. Or Billy Williams. Or Mr. Cub himself Ernie Banks. Better yet, grab all four.
  2. Memorize this song and pray to the stickball gods you’ll belt it at least four more times before this is over.
  3. Read religiously the best survey you can find on the “Friendly Confines,” — A Nice Little Place on the North Side by George Will. 
  4. Take a self-guided walking tour of Wrigleyville with an old school die-hard Cubs fan.
  5. Watch Cubs-Fan-in-Chief Bill Murray ham it up with Harry Caray at Wrigley Field’s first night game and opine about the good ol’ days.  Or maybe you’d like to compare 2016 to 1945, the last time the Cubs won the pennant
  6. Grab a pair of official kicks from Vans. But please, sport them on game days and game days only.
  7. Get yourself a vintage Chicago Whales ball cap and grounds crew jacket. Proceed to show others how OG you really are.
  8. Place in your rotation the best Cubs podcast around: Ivy Envy. Listen to the last episode here.
  9. Go inhale cheeseburgers at the Billy Goat. Flip the curse the bird.
  10.  Familiarize yourself with Cleveland’s native hot dog the Polish Boy. Ponder all the ways in which Chicago’s hot dog is better.

Note bene: Starting with a fresh count? Looking for a crash course? You’ll wanna check out the Chicago Tribune’s 108 Things Every Cubs Fan Should Know, which answers 108 Cubs-related questions, one for each year since the Cubs won the World Series.