Arts & Entertainment | September 21, 2015 9:00 am

Welcome to Jony Ives’s Apple Store

Your iPhone's not the only thing Apple is updating

By The Editors

If you don’t know the name Jonathan Ives (that’s “Sir Jony,” KBE, FTR), you certainly know his work: he was Steve Jobs’s artistic hand, bringing form to the function of Apple’s best-known products, from the Powerbook laptops and Bondi Blue iMacs to the iPhone and Apple Watch. Now the company’s chief design officer, he’s a legend in the both the tech and design worlds. 

So what happens when he produces his first, just-unveiled Apple Store, in Brussels? Perhaps unsurprising to anyone who’s ever manipulated the click-wheel on an iPod, curves happen. As Wired puts it: “Ive’s first store would boast some of the most impressive work in glass manufacturing to date.” The Brussels location’s sinuous, 26-foot glass walls, pundits predict, presage the convex-curved glass panels that will make up the circular Apple Campus 2

Also of note is a markedly warmer tone throughout, with the use of potted indoor plants, clay-brick walls, and the invitation to a handful of local artists to present their work around the store. Consider this a preview for a revamp to roll through the entire Apple retail fleet: more human, more tactile, more organic.

Borrowing Woody Allen: Design is like a shark. If it stops moving forward, it dies.