A Definitive Anthony Bourdain Biography Is in the Works for 2019

After someone beloved has died, it’s hard not to feel your soul drift away a bit as posthumous record albums, “previously unreleased footage,” rushed biographies and the like spring forth.

But we feel no such contempt for the planned Anthony Bourdain biography, slotted to release in fall of 2019 through Ecco Books.

Why? We miss the guy.

While Kitchen Confidential won’t ever leave our bookshelves and Parts Unknown will remain on Netflix for the foreseeable future, any opportunity to hear more from Bourdain’s culinary (or otherwise) misadventures is a great gift. Besides, the biography will be edited by his longtime advisor, friend and co-writer Laurie Woolever, who has avowed to share “stories … by those who knew him best.”

Not every tribute is a cash grab.

Image: Fairfax / Jacky Ghossein