Arts & Entertainment | July 11, 2014 9:00 am

Anchors Aweigh

By The Editors

“I’m Ron Burgundy. Go f— yourself, San Diego.”

Those words were spoken ten years ago this week. Happy anniversary, Anchorman.

In July of 2004, this little-hyped Will Ferrell comedy was seen as, at best, a gentle satire of a news era long gone.

But if anything, the now-revered Anchorman actually captured the live and amateurish moments-from-a-car-wreck bloopers of your local news team.

So, in honor of the movie’s 10th anniversary, we present the Top 10 News Flubs, available below for your viewing pleasure/discomfort.

You stay classy, local news.

10. Well That Looks Like a …

9. No Ground Control

8. Speaking Tongues

7. Cussing Up a Storm

6. Small, but Impressive

5. Falling for a “Hugh Janus”

4. A Rather Graphic Mother-Child Demonstration

3. Bugging Out 

2. “Keep f—— that chicken.”

1. Hell of an Introduction, AJ

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