Arts & Entertainment | September 30, 2017 5:00 am

31-Year-Old Pilot and Fitness Guru Has Become an Instagram Star

Dutch flyer Eva Claire Marseille flies 747 jumbo jets and has 72,000 followers on Instagram.

Dutch Pilot Eva Claire Marseille constantly wows her 72,000 followers on Instagram with stunning travel photos and videos from her cockpit, as well as the vacations she takes when she’s not flying.

On her blog, Fly with Eva, the 31-year-old writes about how she found an industry to excel at, despite some people’s hesitations about a female pilot, writes The IndependentPreviously based in Europe, she will soon be flying out of Hong Kong as co-pilot of Boeing 747 jumbo jets.

The young pilot wanted a career that would challenge her and also allow her to travel the world.

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She studied journalism early on, but had qualms about it because she feared getting stuck behind a desk and “feeling envious” of others who were out doing what she wanted to do. Since she had always admired pilots, she decided to become one herself. She searched for a job for two years after finishing flight school, but now, “she couldn’t be happier.”

When she’s not traveling the world for work, she, well, travels the world for fun.


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She is also an avid kickboxer and does yoga, reports The Independent. 

She hopes to inspire and encourage others, especially young girls, to pursue their passions. She wrote on her blog that it is “our nature to be inspired by someone of our own gender.” She hopes if female pilots are visible to the next generation, it will help girls choose this profession.