18 Women You Need to Follow on Instagram in 2018

If you are a user of crowdsourced content-sharing site Reddit, you may have, at some point, stumbled across a vertical called “Upvoted Not Because Girl, But Because It Is Very Cool; However, I Do Concede That I Inititally Clicked Because Girl.

Essentially, it’s a place to share photos and videos of talented women doing impressive things, from acrobatics to DIY projects to artwork.

In 2018, we’ve resolved to take a similar approach to the women we follow on Instagram. In other words: less twerking videos and bikinis, more intrigue and ingenuity. (Although we’re certainly not going to discourage you from unfollowing feminist, model and sex-positivity advocate Emily Ratajkowski.)

Below: 18 of the most follow-worthy Instagram accounts involving members of the fairer gender.

For weird yoga poses in weirder places: Caitlin Turner

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For adventures shot by a woman nicknamed “The Animal”: Caroline Gleich

For workout videos galore: Massy Arias

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For sketches and paintings that will make you feel some kind of way: Natalie Krim

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For graffiti, art and cat pics from an ex-NY Post shutterbug: Martha Cooper

For tasty shots courtesy of a professional food stylist: Spork Fork Bacon

For feeling bad about your golf game: Paige Spiranac

For daily workout challenges courtesy of a certified personal trainer: Alexia Clark

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For cool-ass lingerie made by a cool-ass lady: Aniela Parys

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For content from an aptly named scribe “armed with a camera, a notebook, and a sense of adventure”: Suz Graham

For some of the best landscape shots this side of Nat Geo: Rach Stewart

For the extreme version of #vanlife: Rachel Moore

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For around-the-globe shots from the literally the chillest chick on earth: Coco Ho

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For a glimpse at what freediving is all about: Kimi Werner

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For a preview of your life after the apocalypse: Off the Grid Girl

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For lovers of all things moto: Liz Horton

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For cat lady positivity: Girls and Their Cats

And for … reasons: Hot Girls Eating Pizza