Art | September 24, 2016 5:00 am

This Photographer Transforms Iconic Landscapes Into ‘Dreams’

"The Battlefield" (<a href=""_blank">David Drebin</a>/<a href="">teNeues</a>)
"The Battlefield" (<a href=""_blank">David Drebin</a>/<a href="">teNeues</a>)
“The Battlefield” (David Drebin/teNeues)


David Drebin has brought a new definition to the term “dream destination”—almost as if the renowned photographer captured your bucket list while you were asleep. In a new book from Drebin, iconic locations from around the planet are photographed in cinematic fashion. “Dreamscapes,” as Drebin calls the landscape images, are an opulent view into his mind and fodder for infinite imagination.

"Jerusalem" (David Drebin/teNeues)
“Jerusalem” (David Drebin/teNeues)


From the urban beauty of San Francisco to the ancient wonder of Jerusalem, Dreamscapes is filled with idyllic and alluring visions of familiar scenes. Drebin nimbly performs a balancing act between accurately reflecting their unique beauty while masking reality’s fallacies.

The fourth work from the Canadian photographer comprises 100 color photographs, including his famous image of Central Park that sold at auction for $78,000 in 2011. For slightly less money ($65), you can purchase a copy of Dreamscapes here. Relax and lose yourself in Drebin’s experiential daydream with a preview of his book below.

"Tokyo Dusk" (David Drebin/teNeues)
“Tokyo Dusk” (David Drebin/teNeues)
"Balloons over Paris" (David Drebin/teNeues)
“Balloons over Paris” (David Drebin/teNeues)
"Balloons over San Francisco" (David Drebin/teNeues)
“Balloons over San Francisco” (David Drebin/teNeues)
Cover of 'Dreamscapes' (David Drebin/teNeues)
Cover of ‘Dreamscapes’ (David Drebin/teNeues)