Abandoned Places of Worship
(Matthias Haker/Caters)
By Will Levith / May 30, 2016 5:00 am

All of these pictures were taken by German photographer Matthias Haker in the remains of the world’s places of worship—chapels, synagogues, and silent rooms. Good luck tracking down Haker’s shoot locations: He makes a point not to disclose them.

‘Church of the Ghosts’ (Matthias Haker/Caters) ‘No More Preaching, No More Prayers’ (Matthias Haker/Caters) ‘The Old Synagogue’ (Matthias Haker/Caters) ‘Remember the Past’ (Matthias Haker/Caters) ‘Lost Faith’ (Matthias Haker/Caters) ‘The Golden Chapel’ (Matthias Haker/Caters) ‘God’s Forgotten Palace’ (Matthias Haker/Caters) ‘The Colors Remain’ (Matthias Haker/Caters) ‘Silent Prayers’ (Matthias Haker/Caters) ‘Golden’ (Matthias Haker/Caters)