37 Things

Welcome to summer.

To properly get you in the mood, do the following: first, go put on Sly and the Family Stone’s “Hot Fun in the Summertime.” That’s a must.

Then, read this: our first summer guide. We call it 37 Things. You can download it right here.

Why 37? By our Gregorian calculations, there are 37 free days between Memorial Day weekend and the fall equinox. Fifteen Saturdays. Fifteen Sundays. Three bank holidays. And let’s say four vacation days, so you can go ahead and take the week of July 4th completely off.

So, among those 37 things: adventure (BASE jumping; a race called Death). A brand new wardrobe. A few cocktails. All compiled with help from our friends at Mount Gay Rum. 

Oh and, yes, a little music: a playlist of the bands you’re most likely to encounter during your gallivanting.

Now you’ve got your guide.

Use it wisely, gentlemen.

We’ll see you there,

Your Friends at InsideHook