Hawaii’s Tourism Board Will Pay Six Mainlanders to ‘WFH’ This September

This one goes out to all the straphangers, the clock-starers, the fourth-cubicle-on-the-lefters.

The Hawaii Tourism Board is hosting an eight-day work-residency program this September for six lucky applicants. Appropriately titled “WFH,” the folks behind the initiative want an overworked young professional to find a respite both calming and energetic in the Aloha State.

And no matter your vocation, they’ve got you covered, with six distinct packages — one on each of the main islands — for six different lines of work: Corner Office (Lanai), Location Scout (Kauai), Tech Lab (Maui), Sound Space (Big Island), Design Loft (Oahu) and Writing Desk (Molokai).

wfh (3 images)

Each residency arrives with invigorating workspaces, local contacts eager to share their knowledge, and excursions meant to help you “reclaim your spark.” Writer? Enjoy a cabin on a 14,000-acre ranch. App developer? Hike a dormant volcano and stargaze after sunset.

The guidelines for applying are a bit specific, unfortunately for some. You have to be 24-36 years old, an employee in the greater NYC area, and the owner of an Instagram account (social media and experiential employment are a tight pair these days, and they’ll want you to post while there). You’ll also have to be ok with being filmed, which seems like a fair shake for a week in productivity paradise.

Applications are due by June 4th. Laki maikaʻi, friends.