Advice | January 28, 2015 9:00 am

3 V-Day Plans That Don’t Suck

We planned three dates so you don’t have to

By The Editors

Valentine’s Day, it’s awful.

Except for candy hearts. Those are ok.

The rest is a schmaltzy melange of lukewarm prix-fixe dinners and semi-stale chocolates.

So, this year, we return to our annual advice: on Valentine’s Day, just do her a kindness.

Forgo the Hallmark aisle.

Put the heart-shaped box down.

Just show her you care, in whichever way you’ve agreed, as a couple, to show your affection.

Should you need some thoughtstarters, we made you this: A Valentine’s Day of Days — three pre-planned date night itineraries for Chicago and beyond.

Inside: Where to take her.

What to buy her.

And how to do it, whether you’re hitched, common law, or just, y’know, involved.

Enjoy the guide.

Nota bene: Should you need gift ideas, we’ve collected a few wonderful and timely items right over here.