Advice | November 26, 2014 9:00 am

Best of November

Drones. Parking valets. Hangover docs. Get in here.

By The Editors

So You Want to Fly a Drone…
The finest drone yet devised for human entertainment, the Inspire 1 was designed for two things: ease of use and aerial photo/videography. Just screw on the blades, charge it and fly. Check it out.

The Hangover Doctor Will See You Now
During the holidays, there’s a tendency to have a cup too much. Makes the day after a right bitch. Unless you schedule a visit from the IV Doc, a registered MD who pumps you full of feel-good serum. Check it out.

Awesome: Valets on Demand
Parking: car ownership’s last-mile problem. This is the last-mile solution: Luxe, a new outfit offering on demand valet service in some of SF’s most hard luck parking areas, now taking members. So, um, Uber for parking. Check it out.

The Cyclist’s Guide to Fall
Cold weather, like a Taylor Swift album that nobody wants, is coming. Your morning bike commute is about to get chilly and damp. Luckily the city’s finest names in cycling gear have no intention of leaving you out in the breeze. Check it out.

The Gentleman’s Handbook
Thanksgiving is the Switzerland of holidays. It’s not terribly religious. It welcomes all comers. And so, to ensure you acquit yourself admirably this Nov. 27th, we give you The Gentleman’s Handbook, Vol. V: Oh Hell Yes, Thanksgiving! Check it out.