Advice | May 6, 2016 9:00 am

Skills Every Man Says He Knows (But Doesn’t), Part II

Wherein we discuss ties, handshake etiquette and burgers

Not too long ago, we gave you the definitive list of five skills every man says he knows (but doesn’t).

But since men aren’t genetically inclined to ask for help, we thought we’d throw you a few more bones. These are they.

Tie a Windsor Knot
If you’re on this site, chances are you probably know this one pretty well. Maybe you’ve even mastered the ever-challenging bow tie. If so, skip this, it’s cool. But countless men spend a large amount of time in front of the mirror trying to remember if the wide end starts on the right, or it it’s the left, or … and then you have to start over. The key is in finding the the right balance of length, adjusting exactly where you want it on your neck and finishing with the symmetrical shape you need to complete your look. Next up, the St. Andrew Knot. If you know what that is, you’ve read too far.

Grill a Burger 
“I’ll go fire up the grill.” We all want to be able to say this. And we all want to be able to do this. There’s something majestic about standing over an open flame with a piece of meat, feeling all caveman-like. But it’s the preparation that really counts, from asking the butcher to grind the meat twice, to sizing the patties, right down to what to put on the grill to avoid dry burgers.

Change Oil
We showed you how to change a tire. But can you change your own oil? Not only is this “manly,” but it saves you the headache of dealing with unscrupulous grease monkeys. Wanna keep your pride and joy running smoothly? First you need to learn everything from the best type of synthetic oil and filters to the actual step-by-step process of jack, drain and fill.

Stop a Running Toilet
Forget should: stopping a running toilet is more something you need to know. Here’s a deep dive inside the tank to help you determine valve situation and how to find and lower the float to determine the water level.

Give a Proper Handshake
You’re walking into the interview of your life. Suit is on point. You practiced your answers with your dog last night and he was into it. You’re in. And then … you flub the handshake. Now you’re out of whack. You spend the whole interview in your head, wondering if you just cost yourself the position because of the failed hand-to-hand interaction. Never again. Be confident in your handshaking abilities. It starts with the proper grip (not too firm, not too soft). Then you gotta know how long to hold it. And how should you shake a woman’s hand? Do you go with the “Queen’s Shake?” Note: if your potential boss goes in for daps and a hug, you’re probably golden.