Advice | May 18, 2016 9:00 am

Is Texting the Future of Customer Service?

A startup that lets users text brands directly is making waves

Unless you’re a lover of sweet, sweet jazz Muzak (Ed. note: guilty), holding for customer service help has approximately zero redeemable qualities.

Which is why a new startup that just raised $2.5 million wants to permanently eliminate hold times by allowing consumers to text message with brands directly.

Here are four reasons why Teckst’s plan to directly connect consumers with businesses like airlines, cable providers and e-commerce retailers is the future of customer service.

No waiting, instant gratification
In addition to eliminating seemingly never-ending phone-hold times, Teckst will also get rid of back-and-forth email chains and live-chats that lead nowhere. We’ve become accustomed to having everything on-demand, and there’s no going back.

Everything is recorded
The days of hunting around for a pen are over, as text chains and important information sent via Teckst will be recorded by default. While emails also have that quality, millennials (i.e., the next generation of customers requiring service) prefer texting over other forms of communication: they are 78% more likely to open texts than emails, according to Teckst.

It saves companies and consumers cash
In addition to saving time, texting also saves money. Customers don’t have to worry about using up minutes or racking up charges with a lengthy call, while businesses are freed of having to pay employees to sit on the other end.

Phones are becoming retail centers
With more and more people purchasing items directly from their phones with a few touchscreen taps, it stands to reason they’ll expect to receive customer service in the same way.

Just don’t do it while you’re driving.