Advice | May 24, 2016 9:00 am

Yes, You Need to Change Up Your Skincare Routine in Summer

A five-step guide, one non-negotiable included

You know who loved a summer-weight facial serum? Steve McQueen.

Eh, we can’t confirm that — but if the great man were here today, we’re convinced he’d do what he could to advance the cause of season-specific skincare regimens. Do these five things, and we guarantee (not legally binding) better-looking skin from now till Labor Day.

For “one and done” guys who don’t mind stealing something from their girlfriends: Unless your skin is super oily (in which case, see below), you can probably get away with a barebones single-product regimen: in this case, a facial cleansing oil, which, thanks to its non-stripping nature, won’t necessitate the use of a moisturizer (or serum).

Our choice: Origins Clean Energy ($27)

For guys ready to ditch their winter moisturizer: Hot, humid weather means your skin won’t need as much help as it did a couple months ago, but if you don’t think dry skin can be an issue during the summer, go sit under an air conditioner. A facial serum will get the job done.

Our choice: SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic serum ($163), which also fights sun and environmental damage.

For guys who fly a lot: That airplane air is murder on your face — there’s a reason you know at least one woman who’ll coat her face in goo immediately after stowing her bag. You need a real moisturizer.

Our choice: Kiehl’s Facial Fuel ($40)

For guys with oily skin: You know how your skin feels heavier and might look clogged during the summer months?. You have two choices of exfoliators: chemical or physical. We like physical — in this case, a walnut powder. If your skin is sensitive, skip this, or go once a week; thicker-skinned guys can go 2 – 3 times, unless there’s irritation.

Our choice: Ole Henriksen Walnut Scrub ($28)

For guys who like to live long, healthy lives: Sunscreen isn’t optional. Any will do for day-to-day use, so find one you like and stick to it. And that bottle from 2009 has expired, so pick up a new one.

Our choice: Aesop’s Avail ($41, smells good, works good)