Advice | February 23, 2017 9:00 am

There Are Now Solar Generators Made From Oil Drums Because Irony

Who you calling non-renewable?

In addition to being green for the planet, solar power is fast becoming green for your wallet. According to some educated estimates, the median wage for someone who works in the solar industry is nearly $26 per hour, and the demand arrow for sun-produced power is pointing directly up.

To cash in on that demand as well as provide interested parties with a way to learn the ins and outs of the solar business firsthand, a UK firm has created a self-contained solar hub that uses — ironically enough — a modified oil drum as its base. After just 30 minutes of setup, the Solar Charging Can can supply you with enough off-grid power to charge everything from a cell phone to a 1000W inverter. Each package contains a waterproof solar panel with good flexibility, a mounting pole, two deep-cycle batteries, LED lights and a control panel to handle the voltage.

Solar Charging Can (3 images)

In addition to those standard features, users can add options like a wireless router, CCTV camera system and extra charging ports. The made-to-order rigs take about a month to build, and base prices start around $2,200.

With a starting price like that, we bet they’ll drum up some business.