Advice | October 21, 2016 9:00 am

Because Bike Thieves Are the Actual Worst, Here’s How to Thwart Them

Take a cue from Mother Nature

When attempting to solve a man-made problem, it’s sometimes best to consult with Ma Nature.

Daniel Idzkowski did just that while looking for a solution to the rampant problem of bicycle theft in San Francisco, and it led him to build a lock that draws inspiration from the animal with arguably the best self-defense mechanism — the skunk.

Hence, the SkunkLock, a medium-carbon steel U-Lock that’s tough on its own but also happens to be filled with a vomit-inducing noxious chemical spray that blasts out if the lock is cut or pierced.

Sealed within a secure hollow chamber that runs throughout the lock, the pressurized chemicals only release if the storage tube is compromised and won’t leak if the lock is dropped or jostled.

In addition to exposing the crook and possibly making them puke, the locks’s chemical formula “irreversibly ruins the clothes worn by the thief or any of the protection they may be wearing.”

Currently funding on Indiegogo, a SkunkLock costs $109 with delivery estimated for June 2017.

If it smells, it sells.