Advice | July 30, 2014 9:00 am

Good Works

By The Editors

When doing a good deed, a man should never expect anything in return.

Unlessssss … you’re offering. Then sure, we’ll entertain it.

Like this: Selfless, the company that hooks users up with perks at local restaurants and shops when they support a charity, taking members now.

Nutshell: Selfless is a five-star rewards club for charitable living.

How it works is simple: Members donate $9 a month to a charity of their choice. In return, they get a card that gives them access to ongoing perks across the city.

Perks like:

Then there are the causes, which are just as broad and plentiful. Local, national and international charities, covering mental healthenvironmental concernseducation and more.

All meaningful causes. All tax-deductible.

Another return you can definitely expect.