Advice | June 17, 2016 9:00 am

Mosquitoes Are Super Deadly, But You Can Outsmart Them

Everything you need to know about killing 'skeeters

Today in don’t-Google-it:

A close-up view of a mosquito’s 6-needle bite.

That bite kills 725,000 humans a year. It kills more humans than any other animal. Hell, it kills more humans than humans do. And that’s not to mention the litany of other, non-fatal but still super-terrifying things (read: Zika) they can do to you.

And now, peak mosquito season is upon us. DON’T GO OUTSIDE EVER AGAIN.

Just kidding. Do go outside. But at least take the necessary shoe-flying precautions first.

Bug repellent: it works
Mosquitoes experience the world largely through smell, and bug spray truly does help. But exercise caution and read the labels — as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention notes, you’re looking for active ingredients like DEET, or if you prefer the all-natural route, lemon eucalyptus oil. Cutter’s Backwoods Dry Aerosol is an industry favorite, spraying on dry and offering hours of protection.

Litter your patio with Citronella candles and torches
Seriously, buy a truckload of these. They smell good. And they look nice. And they slay mosquitoes.

Dress the part
A given: long-sleeved shirts, long pants and socks. But some gear, like Exofficio’s Bugsaway Lumos Hoody, are permethrin-treated, meaning they have repellent weaved into the fabric. We’re also big fans of Snow Peak’s Insect Shield Parka — breathable, utilitarian and stylish.

Know when and where they’re most active
Dusk and dawn, especially when the air is calm. Fact: mosquitoes hate wind. They also love wet, moist areas. Also here’s an interactive Zika map.

When all else fails, kill them all
Because there’s something so pleasing about swatting at a fly with a bug zapper.