Advice | December 20, 2013 9:00 am

Risqué Business

By The Editors

This may come as a surprise — and we’ve polled at least three wives and one live-in girlfriend about this — but the reason women like being gifted well-chosen lingerie is because:

  • It shows you have taste.
  • It shows you’ve been thinking about her.
  • And it shows you know what she likes.

This is what she’ll like: Morgan Lane, the just-launched NYC line of ladies intimates you should be wrapping with care and placing under the tree right now.

Reasons she’ll love it:

1. It’s designed by Morgan Curtis, daughter of famed fashion designer Jill Stuart. You don’t know this name. She does.

2. The fits are flattering, the fabrics are premium.

3. The pieces strike that delicate balance between comfort and allure (Exhibit A: the “Harlot Bodysuit“). 

Reasons you’ll love it:

1. This.

2. And this.

3. And sweet mother of God, this.