Advice | June 5, 2015 9:00 am

A Note from Your Local Editor

Welcome, summer.

By The Editors

I moved to the Bay Area for the first time three days and 15 years ago, so scared of earthquakes I didn’t walk under a bridge for a week.

I rented a car, and though I did not see it for three more days, I heard the ocean the night I arrived, driving up the Great Highway with the windows down. It was wild and woolly and primal and alive in the way my pacific Atlantic had never been.

I asked the question that vexes misplaced Jersey girls everywhere: Where, exactly, could I find the boardwalk and funnel cake?

And thus, my first summer — inverted commas required — in San Francisco began.

I like to look at it this way: we get the same summer as everyone else — just with an extra month or so tacked onto the end.

Which gives you plenty of time to roll through each one of the 37 Things a Man’s Gotta Do This Summer, from the Alcatraz Challenge Swim to the S.F. Frozen Film Festival (not what your daughter thinks it is) to the best cabin to rent in all of Marin County (promise).

Maybe you’re like me, and you’ve only just begun to plan out your summer adventures.

Might we recommend driving a ’71 Stingray up to Sonoma?

Maybe you’ve only got a day or so to play.

We suggest rock climbing at Pinnacles.

Maybe you’ve got a bit longer, in which case, many of these choice summer rentals are still up for grabs.

Getting on a plane? We have the world’s smartest suitcase.

And if you just need gear for an afternoon, nobody does a fanny pack like DSPTCH.

It’s not too late to plan.

We still have 17 days until the official start of summer — and, coincidentally, Father’s Day (we’ve got you covered there, too).

I still haven’t found my boardwalk. But the Marin County Fair’s got me covered in the funnel cake department.

And fireworks. And acrobats. And sheepdogs.

That’ll do.

Diane, your S.F. Editor

Photo via Flickr