Advice | August 4, 2014 9:00 am

Letter from the Editor

By The Editors

It’s the summer and everything is b-a-n-a-n-a-s.

Does it not feel like the world is going to hell in a handbasket? Or at least inside a very large and unexplained Siberian hole?

Firenadoes in California. Sharknadoes on TV. Face transplantsSuperviruses. There was even a real-live tornado in Boston, which is insane.

Not to mention the very real turmoil across the globe — from Gaza and Ukraine to Iraq, Syria, Cameroon and China.

Summer has always been the time of our collective freakout. It’s the Michael Bay of seasons, in terms of both special effects and lack of direction. We’ve made the world as crazy as we are.

That’s why, at the InsideHook offices, we’re trying to keep our powder dry.

Below, you’ll find our guides to enjoying this last full month of the summer.

I can’t recommend the Cocktail Quarterly enough — it’s compiled with the kindly assistance of bartenders from some of America’s best bars.

I made the Margarita Rosa last night. Oddly enough, it tastes just like sangria. Should keep you calm during the strange weather ahead.

Go Easy,

Steve Bryant
Executive Editor

The Toys of Summer
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The 10 Cocktails You Should Know
Summertime, and the boozing is easy. The sun is high in the sky. The pool chair is low in its recline. And you, my thirsty friend, could use a drink. Or, like, ten. Here they are, in The Cocktail Quarterly, Volume V: Summer Drinks.

Your Beach Guide
It’s summer. Feet in the sand, beer in the hand, looking at gams. It’s an honorable pursuit. And necessary. And you deserve it. That’s why we’re proud to introduce The Gentleman’s Handbook, Vol. IV: To the Beach!

American Cycle: Your Biking Guide
We suggest you get to biking while there’s still some summer left in the summer. Herein: InsideHook-approved bikes that’ll hunt from city streets to mountains, plus the best gear for commuting or exploring the hinterlands. Check it out.