Advice | April 7, 2014 9:00 am

Hack Job

By The Editors

Meet Ari Meisel.

Author, blogger, teacher, TED Talker, Ironman runner, parent of three kids and survivor of Crohn’s disease.

He’s the consummate lifehacker.

And possibly most productive man you’ll ever meet.

Now, he’s now sharing his secrets.

In his just released book Less Doing, More Living, the New York native lays out — in a quick and efficient 124 pages — his favorite apps and productivity hacks.

Fan of the 80/20 rule and Tim Ferriss? This is your next read.

Meisel’s keys: Automation. Tracking. Batching. Customization. Outsourcing (even “outsourcing of outsourcing”).

Meisel’s faves: A.k.a. your way to a zero inbox. Like a pesky snooze alarm for email.

ScheduleOnce: Reduces meeting setup from an average of seven emails to none.

Virtual assistants: Outsource errands and repetitive tasks via Zirtual, Fancy Hands and TalkTo (“It’s free. You can text any business and get a response.”).

“If you can do 10% of this, it’s better than nothing,” Meisel says. “No matter what’s going on, you have certain elements you can control.”