Advice | December 29, 2014 9:00 am

The LA Year in Review

Sex. Dinner parties. More sex.

By The Editors


In 2014, we resolved to attend more underground dinner parties, and we did. There were festive tables in back yards, premium sushi atop a Hollywood Hills bungalow, dim sum and Tiki in Highland Park.


Our lingerie buying guide set dudes straight just as the Sadie Hawkins of sex parties arrived in L.A. Meanwhile, a KTLA anchorman confused Samuel L. Jackson with Laurence Fishburne.


L.A.’s earthquake drought ended with several earth-shakers, so we assembled a go-bag. A war broke out in Crimea and a Malaysian Airliner goes missing. Our executive editor penned a theory on what happened to it.


Season Seven of Mad Men premiered just after we visited the set to photograph their sunnies. We launched a sexy Spring Style Issue, and our first capsule collection. Meanwhile, in West Africa, Ebola literally went viral.


Wildfires raged across SoCal, while this shirtless man tried to pick up the reporter covering it. We published 37 Things A Man’s Gotta Do in Summer.


We sat at Plan Check and watched ze Germans thump Brazil. Then we needed a hangover cure, which came with a nurse and a needle. We also toured our city on bicycle and celebrated the 40th anniversary of Chinatown.


While everyone else dumped buckets of ice water on their heads, we grabbed drinks on rooftops. A few of us even sunbathed topless on rooftops. And some crazy fisherman caused a poor swimmer to be bitten by a great white shark.


The tiny fishing village of Los Angeles empties in August. Maybe it’s a status thing. We stuck around, and flew a hooverboard in San Diego. People used the Internet to find better camping sites. And there was the epic surf of Big Wednesday


Post-fires, the drought really took hold, so we helped out with a feature called Landscaping in the Time of Drought.


As Washington and Colorado legalized Cali’s favorite leaf, a nice new delivery service launched in LA called Spliffin. Then, on Halloween, it finally rained. A lot.


Keanu Reeves made a motorcycle that’s beyond badass, and we found Ventana’s new camping site in Big Sur.


The Serial podcast phenomenon kept us in our cars well after we’d reached our destination. In that spirit, we gave you a list of things to listen to while driving. Then North Korea hacked Sony, but Seth Rogen’s film hit theaters anyway. To very lukewarm reviews.

And speaking of communism: Cuba, we’re coming to visit!