Advice | September 24, 2014 9:00 am

Flower Girl

By The Editors

Every man should have at least one female confidant willing to share insights into the wants and needs of the fairer sex.

That confidant: Addie Flynn, Senior Product Designer at Kalla, now curating covetable bouquets of fresh local blooms and delivering citywide.

Addie’s job: making you look like a seasoned vet of the flower-picking game.

Seasonal blossoms: check.

White-glove, same-day delivery: check (just order by 11 a.m.).

A package she won’t forget: double-check. Watch this video.

We asked Flynn to recommend us some of the best bets this season. Take note:

For the Mom
“The Rosa and The Artist bouquet is a great way to let mom know she’s inspiring, elegant and beautiful. And for the sweetest woman in you life, feel free to add chocolates.”

For the Wife
“The crimson heart-shaped petals of the Wanted Heart roses create a subtle, romantic feel. And no woman has ever denied wine and chocolates.”

For the Client
“How to say thank you without being boring, cheesy or inappropriate? Orchids and dianthus ensure a long shelf life and look great in the office.”

Now remember, the best occasion to send flowers is no occasion at all.

But see also: Birthdays. Anniversaries. Apologies.

Either way, now you’ve got the dirt. Time to use it.