Advice | June 18, 2015 9:00 am

How a Gentleman Compliments a Lady

A guide, with pictures

By The Editors

Because life doesn’t come with an instruction manual — and if it did, men wouldn’t read it anyway — we present Gimme Three Steps, an occasional series of how-to illustrations that has nothing to do with Lynyrd Skynyrd and everything to do with helping you manage challenging situations with aplomb.

So, New York’s got a bit of a catcalling problem.

As the mercury rises, so too the number of uncouth blokes tossing off ill-conceived “compliments” without abandon, disregarding the fact that their verbal missives have the exact opposite effect as intended.

Some might say the wisest course would be to eliminate complimenting from a gent’s repertoire entirely.

A bit much, in your correspondent’s opinion.

Thus: How to Compliment a Lady Effectively, a practical guide (with pictures!) for those times when you’d like to say something nice to a lady.

The key: to realize what you’re complimenting, and how said compliment is going to make the recipient feel.

We all want to feel like we’re looking good, but we also want to feel as though we’ve landed there through some design of our own — not just by good fortune in the ol’ genetic lottery.

Appearance and intellect are linked, fellas. Deliver your praise accordingly.


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