Advice | March 8, 2017 9:00 am

Want to Join the Ranks of Musk, Jobs and Gates? Follow This Chart.

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“One psychological barrier to learning from other people’s lives is the narrative fallacy — making a neat story out of facts that at the time of their happening made little sense.”

As stated by designers Funders and Founders … who are attempting to do exactly this with a series of “visual biographies” on famous people. Essentially, these are a series of infographics tracing and charting the success-shaping moments of tech gurus like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs (and companies like Twitter and Facebook).

In other words: These are timelines for visual learners, with a subject emphasis on entrepreneurs.

It’s good for quick facts and picking out patterns. More useful is the analysis after each infographic, where F&F does a (non-visual) deep dive into their subjects — for example, they highlight how Musk’s hatred of his father, the time he received his first computer and how his love of physical work shaped him as a tech leader. It then applies this knowledge in a section called “How can I use this?”

Pretty cool.

(H/t Product Hunt)