Back to School: 190 Colleges Just Dropped 600 Free, Self-Paced Online Courses

“You wasted $150,000 on an education you coulda got for $1.50 in late charges at the public library.” 

Easily Will Hunting’s best roast in Good Will Hunting‘s Harvard bar scene. 

Yet, it could use some updating for the modern audience, especially considering free, self-paced, online education is reaching all-time levels of accessibility and convenience. 

According to reporting from Quartz, over the past six years 800 universities have created over 10,000 Massive Open Online Courses (aka MOOCs). In just the past four months, 190 schools have added 600 new studies. 

And you know what? The offerings are great. Learn from MIT how space shuttles are engineered. Audit Google Daydream Impact’s course on Augmented Reality. Study nitrogen with the University of Edinburgh, guitar chord progression with Berklee or digital media analytics with Purdue. 

Most of these courses are somewhere in the month- to two-month range and require three-six hours of your time each week. There’s no previous knowledge necessary, and they’ll drop you with the syllabus and relevant reading materials in one swoop. At completion, some of the courses will even earn you college credit. 

This, folks, is the ultimate, cost-effective supplement to those weekly Wikipedia binges. Your marching orders? Find a few courses you like. Space them out to keep your energy (interest) up. Then go to Boston and find a Harvard bar. And unleash the brain. 

Image from IMDB