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First Date With … Chan Bailey

Here’s the story of the strangest date she’s ever been on

Nashville, like its fried chicken, is hot.

It’s not just the country music (though we’d like to thank Chris Stapleton for tuning that up).

It’s the food. It’s the river. It’s the pure unfiltered Americana.

And it’s also the women, like Chan Bailey, who we recently caught up with to discuss her hometown, dancing with strangers and the one thing you should never, ever do on a date.

Actually, never do it anywhere.

Image via Neave Bozorgi

Name: Chandler Bailey
Instagram: @chanbailey_

Hometown: Nashville, TN.

And now you live in … Los Angeles, CA

Did growing up in Nashville instill you with a love of country music? Actually, quite the opposite. I think a lot of Nashville natives are more withdrawn from the country scene than people think. But growing up in Nashville exposed me to some of the best of the best in music. I lived down the street from Jack White, my best friend lived next to the drummer of Kings of Leon. It refined our music tastes at a very young age.

If you could import one thing from Nashville to L.A., what would it be? My mom.

What’s the best place to meet someone in LA? I’d probably say the wine section at Trader Joe’s. Just kidding. Not really.

Have you ever met someone in a Trader Joe’s wine section? Nope!

Do you like it when a guy asks you where to go or just chooses? Ask me and we can figure it out together.

Drinks, dinner or neither on the first date? Why not both?

What about an art gallery or museum? Absolutely.

Image via Neave Bozorgi

What’s a failsafe first-date conversation topic? Food!

How about the appropriate amount of time before proposing a Netflix and Chill? I don’t think there’s a right or wrong amount of time. Just go with the flow.

Coolest place you’ve met someone that turned out to be a meaningful encounter? This might not count, as I didn’t actually “meet” this person, but in a crowded subway in New York with my friends in the wee hours of the morning, an elderly homeless man got in the middle of the crowd and started to sing my favorite song, “Stand by Me.” He had the voice of an angel. My friends and I began to sing along, harmonizing and snapping our fingers. Pretty soon we had the entire crowd in the subway singing along, dancing, smiling, holding hands. That night literally changed my entire outlook on life.

Tell us about the worst date you’ve ever been on … I was about two dates in with this one guy, we were going to a movie and ended up being about 45 minutes early so we parked in the lot to wait. He took this time to tell me about his “casual” freestyle rapping hobby and proceeded to pull out a CD of tracks … from his back pocket. Talk about preparation. He starts word vomiting some of the most terrifying nonsense I’ve ever heard in my life, in my passenger seat, loudly. The windows are rolled down, and people are passing by, seeing this unfortunate situation and shooting me looks of mockery or just plain concern. There must’ve been about eight or nine tracks, and this motherf*cker did not stop to breathe nor did he even open his eyes until the CD was done. Longest 45 minutes of my life. And then the movie sucked.

That’s insane. Did you consider leaving? Unfortunately I was way too nice at the time and just powered through it. He invited me in after we pulled up to his place, but I declined and went home. After a few glasses of red and a mouthful or five of cookie dough the night was but a distant memory.

Image via Neave Bozorgi

Last question. Walk us through a perfect date in LAEmbark on an afternoon hike in Malibu, then go find a cozy little Italian restaurant on the water. Chat about everything under the sun over candlelight, comfort food and a delicious Toscana.

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