Advice | October 27, 2016 9:00 am

First Date With … Brook Power

The model and artist on what makes awkward dates the best ones

We’ve all been on an awkward first date. Hell, it’s safe to say that all first dates are fairly awkward.

Maybe there was too much pressure. Maybe it was the venue. Maybe you ran into an ex.

But what if an awkward date is the best kind of date?

That’s the opinion of model and artist Brook Power,  who we recently spoke with about the merits of man jewelry, getting hit on at the dog park, and how to navigate uncomfortable dating moments with aplomb.

Hometown: North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii

And now you live in … Los Angeles, California

Where’s the best place to meet someone new in your town? I used to get hit on at the dog park a lot, so I stopped going. And because my dog is an asshole.

Image via @benjaminaskinas

Do you like it when a guy asks you where to go on a date, or just chooses? If he decides where to go, I’ll pretty much be able to decide immediately if his style is lame or not.

How do you like a guy to dress on a first date? Not like a douchebag, and no jewelry: guys who wear jewelry creep me out.

Drinks, dinner or neither? I’m not into sitting at restaurants because I get really bored. So no dinner unless it’s just tacos or something chill. And drinking with someone you don’t know very well isn’t a good idea in my experience because you can get trapped with them and I’m like “Uhh, what did I get myself into?”

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Image via @alielayus

What about an activity date? Hike, surf, dog party, go to a show … that stuff is cool by me.

What’s the appropriate amount of time to propose a Netflix and Chill? I can’t sit still long enough to watch a movie. But I guess when that is proposed, watching a movie is not what people intend, huh …?

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Tell us about your favorite first date … We went hiking with our dogs and my teenage siblings by my house in Ventura, which we did because I wanted to get some cow skulls from some old pastures.

OK, turbo round …

Kiss on the first date? Only if I don’t really like the guy.

Sleepover? Na … unless it’s just friend zone.

Would you date a Trump supporter? I’m a libertarian, so as long as you’re not a commie, we’re OK.

Image via @brooklynhawaii

Cologne or natural smell? Either is fine; just don’t stink.

Guys with kids? Depends on if it’s a monster child.

Call or text? Either is OK.

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Walk us through a perfect date in your town … Usually would include a lot of smiling and giggling. I like to do a fun activity that isn’t too elaborate, like hike Temescal Canyon. That way even if we hate each other there’s at least nature to enjoy. Also something awkward would happen, like someone locks their keys in the car and then you eat some food and then it’s unclear when it’s appropriate to part ways, and then finally you say a weirdish awkward goodbye and maybe something weird about making other plans soon. Sounds about how it would go.