Advice | April 17, 2014 9:00 am

Cocktail Quarterly

By The Editors

We love spring because warm.

We love warm because outside.

We love outside because everything is better there, including that drink in your hand.

You’ll find that drink — nine of them, in fact — in our Spring Cocktail Quarterly, otherwise known as the I’ll-be-taking-the-next-five-Fridays-off edition.

These are spring drinks. What’s a spring drink? A drink you wouldn’t drink in December.

Fruiting the booze? Now permissible. Obnoxiously large drinking vessel? Fits more ice. Toothpick umbrellas? Halt. A man’s gotta draw the line somewhere.

Plus: a nuts-and-bolts guide to glassware, courtesy of our friend Joaquín Simó at Pouring Ribbons NYC. Martinis go in martini glasses and Tom Collinses go in Tom Collins glasses for a reason. You should know that reason.

Because knowledge equals social currency.

So too the ability to mix a proper adult beverage.

Here’s your textbook. Get to studying.

See you out there,