Advice | April 17, 2018 9:00 am

Got a Harrowing Tale of Man vs. Nature? We Want to Publish It.

Because Mother Nature can also be a b*tch

By The Editors

This April, we’re tackling a variety of topics on our love for Mother Nature: how to be better consumers, better lovers and better stewards.

But no matter how much we profess our love for this great planet we call home, every person has a story of that time Mother Nature was a complete and utter b*tch.

We want to publish those stories — your stories.

To cap off the month, we’ll be publishing the best man vs. nature stories we can find. From harrowing tales of survival to memorable campground hijinks, we want to hear about the time Mother Nature tore you a new one.

Want to submit?

  • Please keep stories as brief and concise as possible
  • Attach photos of the incident if you’d like. (Not required.)
  • Include your first and last name, age and date of the incident. We will NOT use your full name when printing the story.
  • Email submissions to with any subject line that includes the phrase “MOTHER NATURE
  • No need to follow up. We will follow up with you.