Advice | September 18, 2014 9:00 am

Bloom to Spare

You need flowers. Petal By Pedal delivers.

By The Editors

Her birthday. Your anniversary. Any situation in which you’d like to expedite that water under the proverbial bridge.

Flowers, man. Just get her some flowers.

And get them here: Petal by Pedal, a New York outfit that delivers fresh local blooms via bicycle, now accepting orders citywide.

And damned if they don’t make it pretty much impossible to botch.

First, PBP lets you buy bouquets in bulk and schedule automated deliveries up to a year out. Seriously, go do this right now.

Second, we know that discerning ladies judge you by your flowers. And they dig the type of seasonal blooms PBP specializes in (we received a bouquet this morning and it was promptly appropriated by the office flower snob).

Third, they’ll do same-day if you order by noon. Crises averted.

Bonus: PBP’s bouquets come in glass Mason jars that she’ll find charming and quaint — and you’ll find easy to repurpose for ice and whiskey.

That’s what we call guy-friendly flowers.