Advice | September 30, 2014 9:00 am

Best of September

The eats. The heat. Finding the beat. Let’s review.

By The Editors

All You Need Are These 5 Restaurants
Because San Francisco loves its new eateries almost as much as it loves its protected bike lanes, we bring you Table Stakes: a series that answers man’s eternal question (“Uh, what’s new?”). Herein: our picks for September. Bon appétit.

We Dare You
Sam Cossman is the lunatic adventurer who trundled down to the bubbling lip of an active volcano a few weeks back. Cool video. If that sounds like your brand of crazy, Sam’s putting together his next expedition now. Yeah, you’re invited. Check it out.

Stick This in Your Noise Hole
A new phone requires many things. New case. New apps. But most importantly, new headphones. Consider Ropes, the unusual new earphones from the audiophiles at S.F.’s ROAM. They look good on or off the ear and sound even better. Check it out.

If You’re Gonna Wear a Hoodie …
Taylor Stitch just upped the profile of the Bay Area’s most ubiquitous piece of menswear with a little midweight terry, some deep indigo and a button-up collar. Yeah. It’s another hoodie. But it’s a damn nice hoodie, and stock is quickly dwindling. Check it out.

7 Fall Day Trips. Pack Wine.
The weather’s just right for making tracks, my man, and a nice day trip can fit in even the tightest of schedules. Oysters to apple picking. Vino to hot springs. Whatever the lady prefers, we’ve got you covered with Where To Take Her. Check it out.